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Facebook Messenger

Contact me with all the people in your life-free. Facebook Messenger is like texting, but you do not have to pay for each message (this application works with your data package). 
Not just for your friends on Facebook: messaging for everyone in your contacts list, and enter the phone number to add new contacts. 
Facebook Messenger

Chat groups: Create groups of people you most frequently send messages. Name the group, set the group picture and keep all the groups in one place. 
Photos and Video: Record video and photographed masturbating or other images from the application and send with a single click. 
Football talk: Helps maintain a conversation while you use other apps. 
Toll Free: Talk as long as you like, even those overseas. (Free when calling over Wi-Fi. Otherwise, we will apply the standard data charges.) 
Many more ways to message:
Facebook Messenger
Making your conversations more lively sticker. 
Preview photos and videos in your library without leaving the conversation - then select the perfect picture or video to send. 
Recording a voice message if you have many things to say. 
Other Features: 
Knowing that people have to see your message. 
Forward messages or images to people who are not present in the conversation. 
Search for people and groups to answer them quickly. 
Turn position to let people know when you're near. 
See who is available on the Messenger and who are using Facebook. 
Create shortcuts to go to any public chat from your main screen. 
Turn off notifications when you're working, sleeping or need a break. 
Maintaining the status log for you never miss a message

Facebook Messenger

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